Hey, Hello nice to meet you!

Why did we start?

So you found our blog. We really are glad to have you visit. We are a small setup. Just a handful of people who looked around us, and saw a world that is filled with options and ideas. Not all of them speak to us, and probably not to you either. We enjoy simpler things, like great pizza crust, amazing coffee and SciFi movies with a story, not just special effects. That’s why we stepped into the noise, decided to create a brand that is clear and concise. Reliable and district. We insisted on a clear design language. A new classic, a new standard. Simple and casual but sophisticated at the same time. If you are reading this for the design and clothing just click here to skip the boring stuff.

A little about the Brand

What makes us stand out is what we care about. We go out of our way with customer service. We also care about the planet. This is why we have chosen to do what we can regarding Sustainability and Responsibility at Alpha Undici.

We are working on being better humans to the planet we all share, while still offering high-quality products and helping customers look good and receive their packages on time. Alpha Undici know that sustainability is important: for our customers, our team, and of course, the planet. We are also well aware that sustainability challenges in the fashion industry don’t have a quick fix. However small changes in products and shipping methods do make a difference.

According to BusinessInsider as much as 85% of Textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills. Making it a major contributor to environmental damage. One in every five garments ends up in a landfill without being worn even once. We are a tiny startup but we made the conscious decision to only manufacture in “bulk” items that are selling quickly. Items that are new or have lower volumes are generally made on demand. This helps keep our carbon footprint down, as well as some of our costs. We are also currently testing sustainable products. Soon we will be shipping T-Shirts that are made from Organic cotton. Our design team are also testing out Recycled material for T-Shirts. We already have Bio Degradable iPhone Cases in store.

It’s not just about sustainable materials.

Besides the sustainable materials. A major source of carbon is transport. Shipping that lit new jacket from China… Well we don’t! Generally if you are based in an area where we have fulfilment centres, that is where the finished items come from. If you buy an Alpha Undici Original Series T-Shirt, and live in San Francisco the T-Shirt will almost certainly be shipped from Los Angeles, Other items my come from North Carolina. The same goes for a Beanie ordered in Brussels, the item is produced and shipped in the EU. As much as 70% of our shipped items are delivered within the region that they are made and fulfilled.

By shipping as local as we can we try our hardest to cut out unnecessary air transport. It also helps with locally sustainable employment. And by operating in flagship countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and the EU we are not producing our apparel in sweatshops. In some cases we do make use of items outside of our normal supply chain but we endeavour to source these responsibly too. The fulfilment and manufacturing companies we partner with, have policies in place to ensure that any returned or damaged good are donated to local charities. Their manufacturing locations have also partnered with eco waste companies to ensure a safe and sustainable cycle.

So where to next for Alpha Undici?

Time will tell, but we hope that in time we will become a household name. A company that our customers can be proud of. Alpha Undici wants to be an entity that not only has great clothing and accessories, but on that can hold its head up and say we are different. Keep an eye out, hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of us as time goes on. We are just getting started.